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How We Find
New Talent

Want to learn more about our recruitment process
and what to expect when you apply to BOC Group?

How We Find
New Talent

Want to learn more about our recruitment process and what to expect when you apply to BOC Group?

A Look Inside Our Hiring Process

Finding new talent is all about mutual trust and credibility. That’s why we provide full transparency across all stages of your application. And to make things easier, we have prepared the details and the FAQs regarding our recruitment process here. Feel free to explore!

All It Takes Is Five Easy Steps

Step 1:

You submit your application.

Submit your application and make sure to attach references and other additional documents, such as diploma and recommendation letters, as available.

Step 2:Document Check

We review your application.

We are taking a close look at your application and deciding if we can invite you for an interview. In some cases, we might call you for ad-hoc clarification. Typically, you should receive an answer within four weeks time.

Step 3:First Interview

Getting to know each other.

If your application meets our requirements and expectations, we will invite you for a first interview, remote or in person. In that interview, we will aim at getting to know each other a bit better and would want to learn more about your background. Typically, you’ll get notified within another four weeks about the second interview.

Step 4:
Second Interview

Diving into the subject matter.

The second round interview is all about checking your professional skills. A set of exercises may help us to assess your competencies in more detail. No need to worry – those tasks will already be announced to you during the screening interview. Typically, after the second round, we will be able to come to a decision within another two weeks time.

Step 5:
Welcome to BOC Group!

We sign the contract and celebrate!

Exciting! We meet to agree on the final terms and sign the contract. Our onboarding process will be kicked off and your career at BOC Group is about to take off! Welcome to the family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have open questions? No worries!
Have a look at our FAQs, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the information you’re looking for.

I cannot find a job offer that fits my skills and experience. Can I apply anyway?2019-05-03T07:14:23+00:00

Of course! We are always on the lookout for new talents. Just send us an unsolicited application!

Do you have special job offers for students (e. g. part-time or internships)?2019-05-02T17:05:29+00:00

Yes, we offer jobs that are specially designed for students. Whether you’re looking to start full-time, part-time or you need flextime due to your university courses: we’ve got your back and will do our best to accommodate your needs! So, don’t hesitate and apply right away!

I am not sure what job to apply for. Can I submit several applications?2019-05-02T17:05:39+00:00

Yes, you can always do so. However, you can also save yourself the hassle, as we will jointly check which of our vacancies fits you best anyway.

Is there a specific recruitment process for internships?2019-05-02T16:56:01+00:00

Yes. For internships, in most cases, a second round interview will not be required. Usually, we will decide directly after the first personal interview.

When will I get a response to my application?2019-05-02T16:56:11+00:00

Typically we reply within 2 weeks time. However, in case of unexpected delays, please do not panic. We surely have not forgotten about you, but rather reserve the required time to thoroughly screen your documents.

How will I be informed about my current application status?2019-05-02T16:56:16+00:00

In most cases you will receive an email informing you about our decision to move from one stage to the next.

I got the job! What will happen next?2019-05-02T16:49:41+00:00

We probably need some last details to prepare the contract. Once both parties have agreed on the final terms, the contract can be signed. Our onboarding process will be kicked off and your career at BOC Group is about to take off!

I have received a negative response to my application. Can I apply again another time?2019-05-02T16:49:46+00:00

Certainly! However, we would recommend working on your skill set and experience, before you do so. In addition, you could try and give your CV a new look and work on its content, to improve your chances.

Who may I contact if I have any further questions regarding the recruitment process?2022-11-17T15:45:08+00:00

Please send an e-mail to:

How do I best apply for a position at BOC Group?2019-05-02T17:06:15+00:00

Please use the website forms to submit your specific or unsolicited application to us.

What documents should I send along with my application?2019-05-02T17:06:33+00:00

Your CV is the most important document in your application. Please also attach references and any additional documents, such as diploma and recommendation letters, as available. The more meaningful your documents, the better the chancthat we can develop a good understanding of who you are. 

Is there a maximum size for my application?2019-05-02T17:07:12+00:00

Your files shouldn’t exceed a maximum size of 10 MB.

Which format should I use for my application?2019-05-02T17:06:40+00:00

Please use standard formats like ZIP, PDF or DOC(X).

Can I apply even if I don’t speak the regional language (e.g. German)?2019-05-02T17:07:23+00:00

Our company language is English. Therefore, in general, you can apply even if you don’t speak the regional language of the corresponding BOC office. However, for selected jobs, it might be obligatory to master the regional language without a doubt. If this is the case, it will be indicated in the respective job ad.

How can I prepare for the interview?2019-05-02T16:57:18+00:00

Please be prepared to present your CV, your skills and experience. It is always a good idea to inform yourself about our company and prepare some questions you would like to get answered.

What should I bring to my interview?2019-05-02T16:57:51+00:00

If you would like to take notes, please bring pen and paper. In the second interview we will provide you with any material necessary, for you to complete your exercises. If you want to present past work examples, please bring everything required for your presentation (projector will be available at our office).

How many people will participate in my interview?2019-05-02T16:57:46+00:00

In the first interview you will probably have one or two interviewers. In the second interview there may be further domain experts joining the interview.

I live far away from your company premises. Is there a chance to do the interview remotely?2019-05-02T16:57:08+00:00

Of course, we can also organize a remote interview (e. g. via GoToMeeting), but this is only possible for the first round. For the second interview, it is necessary to do the interview face-to-face.

I live in another country. Does BOC Group help out with getting on board?2019-05-02T16:56:47+00:00

Moving to another country can be quite the challenge. We help our international employees with legal aspects and accommodation to make starting at BOC Group as easy as it gets!

Should I also contact BOC Group via phone once I have submitted my application documents?2019-05-02T16:55:29+00:00

No, this will not be necessary. We will contact you with further details as soon as possible.

How long will my application documents be kept on file?2019-05-06T09:41:27+00:00

If you opt for using your application for potential future job opportunities within BOC Group, we will keep your application data on file for 5 years. If not, your application data will be kept up to seven month after end of application process (approval or rejection). For details on how we process your data please have a look at our privacy policy.

Find your Place at BOC Group

At BOC Group, we welcome new talent with open arms. We like our jobs as diverse as our community. Have a look at all our current vacancies or send us your unsolicited application right away. Take a first step now! Many more will follow…

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